"we: Dr Md Shahriar Kabir B H M S (DU), MPH- Non-Communicable Disease management (ASAUB) Lecturer, Chronic Disease, Case taking & Repertory (Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, Mirpur 14,Dhaka1206) Dr. Beauty Akther B H M S(DU), MPH- Non-Communicable Disease management (ASAUB) We provide; Homoeopathic consultancy for male 👨 ; female ♀ & child 🧒 . Specially on acute & chronic diseases. We focuses on Non-Communicable disease management. We make case analysis with modern computerized homoeopathic program. By our special miasmatic case management we can reduce future suffering of disease. We have another online community based Homoeopathic education, health & social media platform for Homoeopath."