Malnutrition refers to deficiencies, excesses, or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy and/or nutrients. The term malnutrition addresses 3 broad groups of conditions:

• undernutrition, which includes wasting (low weight-for-height), stunting (low height-for-age) and underweight (low weight-for-age);

• micronutrient-related malnutrition, which includes micronutrient deficiencies (a lack of important vitamins and minerals) or micronutrient excess; and

• overweight, obesity and diet-related noncommunicable diseases (such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some cancers).

Risk factors of Malnutrition

In some parts of the world, widespread and long-term malnutrition can result from a lack of food.

In the wealthier nations, however, those most at risk of malnutrition include:

• older adults, especially when they are in the hospital or long-term institutional care

• people who are socially isolated — for example, due to mobility issues, health problems, or other factors

• people with a low income

• people recovering from or living with a serious illness or condition

• those who have difficulty absorbing nutrients

• people with chronic eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia nervosa

Causes of Malnutrition

Malnutrition can occur for various reasons. The sections below outline these potential causes in more detail.

A low intake of food

Some people develop malnutrition because there is not enough food available or because they have difficulty eating or absorbing nutrients.

This can happen as a result of:

• cancer

• liver disease

• conditions that cause nausea or make it difficult to eat or swallow

• taking medications that make eating difficult — due to nausea, for example

Mouth problems such as badly fitting dentures may also contribute to malnutrition.

Mental health conditions

Undernutrition or malnutrition can affect people with:

• depression

• dementia

• schizophrenia

• anorexia nervosa

Social and mobility problems

Factors that can affect a person’s eating habits and potentially lead to malnutrition include:

• being unable to leave the house or reach a store to buy food

• finding it physically difficult to prepare meals

• living alone, which can affect a person’s motivation to cook and eat

• having limited cooking skills

• not having enough money to spend on food

Digestive disorders and stomach conditions

If the body does not absorb nutrients efficiently, even a healthful diet may not prevent malnutrition.

Examples of digestive and stomach conditions that may cause this include:

• Crohn’s disease

• ulcerative colitis

• celiac disease

• persistent diarrhea, vomiting, or both

Alcohol use disorder

Consuming a lot of alcohol can lead to gastritis or long-term damage to the pancreas. These issues can make it hard to digest food, absorb vitamins, and produce hormones that regulate metabolism.

Alcohol also contains calories, so a person may not feel hungry after drinking it. They may therefore not eat enough healthful food to supply the body with essential nutrients.


Generalities; malnutrition.

Generalities; emaciation: abies-n(2) abrom-aug ABROT(4) absin ACAL(3) acan-p ACET-AC(4) acon act-sp adren aesc AETH(3) aether AGAR(3) alco ALET(3) ALF(3) all-s allox aloe alpi(2) alst-c ALUM(3) alum-p alum-sil alumn AM-C(3) am-caust AM-M(3) am-pic AMBR(3) ambro anac(2) androc ANG(3) ANT-C(3) ant-i ant-t(2) APIS(3) apoc apom aq-mar aran ARG(3) ARG-N(3) ARN(3) ARS(4) ars-h ARS-I(4) ars-met ars-s-f arum-i ARUM-T(4) asar asc-t astra-e AUR(4) aur-ar aur-m aur-m-n aven ba-sv BAC(4) bad bani-c bapt bar-acet BAR-C(4) BAR-I(3) BAR-M(3) bar-s BELL(3) bell-p benz benz-ac berb berb-a beryl bism blatta bold bond BOR(3) both-l BOV(3) brach BROM(3) BRY(3) BUFO(3) buni-o but-ac CACT(3) cadm CADM-AR(3) CADM-I(3) cadm-o cadm-p CADM-S(3) CALC(4) calc-acet calc-ar CALC-F(3) CALC-HP(3) CALC-I(4) calc-l calc-m calc-ox CALC-P(4) calc-s CALC-SIL(3) calo CAMPH(3) cand-a cann-s CANTH(3) CAPS(3) carb-ac CARB-AN(3) CARB-V(4) carbn-o CARBN-S(3) carbor CARC(3) card-m(2) cari carl carn-g CAUST(4) cean CENCH(3) cent cephd cere-b CETR(3) CHAM(3) CHEL(3) CHIM(3) CHIN(4) chin-ar CHIN-S(4) CHION(3) chlol CHLOR(3) chol cic cich cimic(2) CINA(4) cinis-p CIST(3) CLEM(4) cob COB-M(3) cob-n COC-C(3) coca COCC(4) COFF(3) COLCH(3) colchin COLOC(3) colos CON(3) cor-r cory(2) CROT-C(3) crot-h croto-t cub cuc-p CUND(3) cuph CUPR(4) cupr-acet(2) cupr-ar dig(2) digin dinitrob diph DROS(3) DULC(3) DYS-CO(3) echi-a eich-c elaps electr elmen ems ephe-v epil erb-p ergot ERIO(3) eucal EUP-PER(3) euph euphr eupi falco-p FERR(4) ferr-acet FERR-AR(3) FERR-I(3) FERR-M(3) FERR-P(3) ferr-s fic FL-AC(3) flor-p FORM(3) form-ac fuc(2) gaert GAMB(3) gast gels genist(2) gent-c germ gink gins glon glyc glyc-g goss gran(2) GRAPH(4) grat GUAI(3) gunp gymne hafn haliae-lc hed HELL(4) helo HELON(3) HEP(3) HIPPOZ(3) hott hura HYDR(3) hydr-ac hydrang hydrc hydrog hyos hyosin hyper ichth IGN(3) ind indol insul IOD(4) iodof ion-rad IP(4) iris-t joan JUG-C(3) kali-ar KALI-BI(3) KALI-BR(3) KALI-C(3) kali-chl kali-cy kali-hp KALI-I(4) kali-m kali-n KALI-P(3) kali-s KALI-SIL(3) kali-t kola KREOS(3) KRES(4) kron kurch LAC-AC(3) lac-c LAC-D(3) lac-l-g LACH(4) lant-p lat-k LATH(3) LAUR(3) lava-h lec LED(4) lept liatr lil-t LITH-C(3) LOB(3) loxo-r luf-op LYC(4) LYCPS(3) lyss macrin MAG-C(4) MAG-M(3) mag-p maland malar manc MANG(3) mang-acet mangi med MERC(3) MERC-C(3) merc-d merc-k-i merc-n merc-v MEZ(4) moly morg morph morph-acet morph-s MOSCH(3) MUR-AC(3) mygal MYOS(3) myos-a myric naja naphtin NAT-AR(3) NAT-C(3) nat-glt NAT-HCHLS(3) NAT-HP(4) NAT-M(4) NAT-N(3) NAT-P(3) NAT-S(3) nat-sil NICC(3) nico-r NIT-AC(4) nit-s-d nuph NUX-M(3) NUX-V(4) nyct OL-J(4) OLND(3) OP(4) ORNI(3) ovi-g-p ox-ac ozon parat parathyr parth per pers PETR(4) PH-AC(4) phel phlor PHOS(4) PHYS(3) PHYT(3) pic-ac piloc PIN-S(3) pip-m plac PLAN(3) PLAT(3) PLB(4) PLB-ACET(3) plb-i PODO(3) pop-c PROT(3) PSOR(3) ptel PULS(4) pyrog rad-br raph(2) RHEUM(3) rhus-g RHUS-T(3) RHUS-V(4) ric rob rub-t RUMX(3) ruta(2) sabal sabin(2) SAC-ALB(3) sal-ac SAMB(3) SANG(3) sanguin-n SANIC(4) saroth sarr SARS(4) sass(2) SEC(4) SED-R(3) SEL(4) SENEC(3) seneg SEP(3) sia-c(2) sid-al SIL(4) silphu skat sol spect SPIG(3) spong(2) squil STANN(4) STANN-I(3) STAPH(3) stict STILL(3) STRAM(3) STREPT(3) STRONT-C(4) SUL-AC(3) sul-h SUL-I(3) sulfa SULPH(4) sumb sym-r SYPH(4) syzyg TAB(3) TARENT(3) TER(3) TEUCR(3) THAL(3) thal-s THER(3) THUJ(4) thuj-l thymol THYR(3) til tity-t torul tour-chr trach-v trif-p(2) trom TUB(4) tub-k tub-m tub-r turq-l(2) typho uran URAN-N(3) urt-u v-a-b vac VANAD(3) vanad-m VERAT(3) VERAT-V(3) vero-o(2) vesp vip voes weil wies wild x-ray xan(2) xeno ZINC(3) zinc-ar zinc-m zinc-s ZINC-VAL(3). (491)

Face; emaciation: acet-ac act-sp aeth(2) aether agar ALUM(3) anac ant-t arg ARN(3) ARS(4) ars-h ars-i bad bar-c bar-i BERB(3) brom bry bufo CALC(4) calc-hp camph canth CARB-AN(3) CARB-V(3) caust cench CHIN(3) chin-s cimic cob cob-n COFF(3) colch CUND(3) cupr(2) cupr-ar cur dros ergot FERR(3) ferr-acet ferr-i GUAI(3) hell hura HYDR(3) hydr-ac hyos IGN(3) iod IP(3) KALI-BI(3) kali-br kali-i kreos kres LAC-D(3) LACH(3) laur LYC(3) med merc-c mez(2) myos naja nat-c NAT-M(3) nat-n nat-p nit-ac nuph nux-m NUX-V(3) ol-j(2) olnd(2) op orni ph-ac phel phos PLB(3) PSOR(3) RHUS-T(3) ruta sabin(2) SEC(3) SEL(3) SEP(3) SIL(3) squil stann STAPH(3) sul-ac sulph(2) sumb TAB(3) tarent teucr til tub verat(2) verat-v wies zinc.

Generalities; emaciation; upper: abrot acet-ac act-sp aeth(2) aether agar ALUM(3) anac ant-t arg ARN(3) ARS(4) ars-h ars-i BAC(3) bad bar-c bar-i BERB(3) brom bry bufo CALC(4) calc-hp calc-p camph canth CARB-AN(3) CARB-V(3) caust cench CHIN(3) chin-s cimic cob cob-n COFF(3) colch CUND(3) cupr(2) cupr-ar cur dros ergot FERR(3) ferr-acet ferr-i gaert GRAPH(3) GUAI(3) hell hura HYDR(3) hydr-ac hyos IGN(3) ind IOD(3) IP(3) KALI-BI(3) kali-br kali-i kreos kres LAC-D(3) LACH(3) laur LYC(4) maland med merc-c mez(2) MYOS(3) naja nat-c NAT-M(3) nat-n nat-p NIT-AC(3) nuph nux-m NUX-V(3) ol-j(2) olnd(2) op orni petr ph-ac phel PHOS(3) PLB(4) plb-acet PSOR(3) RHUS-T(3) ruta sabin(2) sac-alb SANIC(3) SARS(4) SEC(3) SEL(4) senec SEP(3) SIL(3) squil stann STAPH(3) sul-ac sulph(2) sumb syph TAB(3) tarent teucr thal THUJ(3) til trach-v tub VERAT(3) verat-v wies zinc.

Extremities; emaciation: abies-n(2) abrom-aug ABROT(3) ACET-AC(3) act-sp aeth(2) aether agar alet ALUM(3) alum-sil AM-M(3) ambr anac ant-t APIS(3) aq-mar aran arg ARG-N(3) ARN(3) ARS(4) ars-h ars-i BAC(3) bad bani-c BAR-C(3) bar-i bar-m bell benz benz-ac BERB(3) berb-a bond bor(2) both-l BOV(3) brom BRY(3) bufo cadm-p cadm-s CALC(4) calc-f calc-hp CALC-P(3) calc-s camph canth CAPS(3) carb-ac CARB-AN(3) CARB-V(3) carbn-s card-m(2) CAUST(4) cean cench cent CETR(3) cham chel CHIM(3) CHIN(3) chin-s chol cic cich cimic cina cist clem cob cob-n COC-C(3) COFF(3) colch colchin con cory(2) CUND(3) CUPR(3) cupr-ar cur dig dros dulc elmen ergot erio eucal EUP-PER(3) FERR(3) ferr-acet ferr-i ferr-m ferr-p fic FL-AC(3) FORM(3) fuc gaert gent-c glon GRAPH(3) GUAI(3) hell helo hep hippoz hott hura HYDR(3) hydr-ac hydrc hyos ichth IGN(3) ind IOD(4) IP(3) KALI-BI(3) kali-br kali-i KALI-P(3) KREOS(3) KRES(4) LAC-D(3) LACH(3) lat-k LATH(3) laur LED(3) LYC(3) macrin MAG-C(3) mag-m mag-p maland malar mang med merc merc-c merc-n MEZ(3) morph morph-s mur-ac MYOS(3) myric naja NAT-C(3) NAT-M(4) nat-n nat-p NAT-S(3) NIT-AC(4) nuph nux-m NUX-V(4) nyct OL-J(3) olnd(2) op orni parth PETR(3) PH-AC(4) phel PHOS(3) phys phyt pic-ac PIN-S(3) PLB(4) plb-acet PSOR(3) PULS(4) RHUS-T(3) RHUS-V(4) rob ruta sabal sabin(2) sac-alb sanguin-n SANIC(3) sarr SARS(4) sass(2) SEC(3) SEL(4) senec seneg SEP(3) sid-al SIL(4) squil STANN(3) STAPH(3) still stront-c sul-ac sulfa SULPH(4) sumb SYPH(3) TAB(3) tarent teucr THAL(3) thal-s THUJ(4) til tity-t torul trach-v TUB(3) URAN-N(3) urt-u VERAT(3) verat-v vip wies wild x-ray ZINC(3) zinc-ar.

Generalities; atrophy: absin acet-ac acetan acon agar agav-t agn alco alum-p ambr anac anath ant-c ANT-O(3) ant-t APIS(3) apoc aran-ix arg ARG-N(3) arn ARS(3) ars-i AUR(3) aur-ar AUR-I(3) aur-m aur-m-n aur-s bac BAR-C(3) bar-i BAR-M(3) bell bell-p BISM(3) bold brom bry BUFO(3) cact CALC(3) calc-ar calc-sil cand-a cann-i CAPS(3) CARB-AN(3) CARB-V(3) carbn-o CARBN-S(3) card-m cast-eq CAUST(3) cench cere-s cetr CHAM(3) CHEL(3) chen-a chim chin CHION(3) chlol chlorpr cimx cina cob-n cocain cocc COFF(4) CON(4) cortico cory crat crot-h cund CUPR(3) dig dinitrob diosm dulc erb-c ergot eucal eup-pur fago ferr fil fl-ac foll(2) frag FUC(3) GELS(3) gink glon GRAPH(4) hall hell HELON(3) hep hydr hyos hyosin hyosin-br hyper IOD(4) iodof ion-rad(2) ip kali-ar kali-br kali-c kali-hp KALI-I(4) kali-m kali-ma KALI-P(3) KREOS(3) kres lac-c lac-d lach larre-t LAUR(3) lept LYC(3) LYSS(3) mag-c mag-m mang med meph MERC(3) merc-v MUR-AC(3) nat-ar nat-c NAT-L(4) NAT-M(3) nat-s NIT-AC(3) nux-m nux-v ol-j ONOS(3) OP(3) orch ov OX-AC(3) ph-ac PHOS(3) PHYS(3) pic-ac pitu-gl(2) plat PLB(4) PLB-I(4) podo psor puls rad-br rat RHOD(3) sabal sabin sac-alb samb santin SARS(3) SEC(3) SEP(3) sil spong(2) stann STAPH(3) stront-c stront-i stroph stry STRY-N(3) sul-ac sul-i sulph SYPH(3) TAB(4) tarent thal-s thea thuj THYR(3) uva verat X-RAY(3) ZINC(3).

Generalities; paralysis; atrophy, with: ARS(3) cupr GRAPH(4) KALI-P(3) PHOS(3) phys PLB(4) SEC(3) SEP(3) stry TAB(4).

Generalities; emaciation; muscles: calc calc-p calc-s carbn-s gaert germ morg PLB(3) zinc.

Generalities; lean people: acet-ac adon agar alum AMBR(4) ant-c ARG(3) ARG-N(3) ARS(4) ars-i asaf aur BAC(4) bapt bar-c beryl BRY(3) cadm CALC(3) calc-f CALC-P(4) caust cean cham chin(2) chin-ar cimic clem coca coff con cupr DYS-CO(3) ferr ferr-sil fl-ac flor-p gaert goss GRAPH(4) ign IOD(3) ip kali-p KREOS(3) LACH(4) lob LYC(3) mag-c MAG-P(3) manc mang med MERC(3) morg-g nat-c NAT-M(3) NIT-AC(3) nux-m NUX-V(4) orni perh petr ph-ac PHOS(4) plb PROT(3) PSOR(3) puls(2) quas RAT(3) sabal SANIC(3) saroth SARS(3) SEC(4) sep SIL(3) STANN(3) staph sul-i SULPH(4) tarent thuj TUB(3) v-a-b verat YOHIM(3).

Generalities; shrivelling: abies-c abrom-aug ABROT(3) absin acet-ac acon AETH(3) AGAR(3) agath-a agav-t AGN(3) all-s aloe alum am-c am-caust am-m AMBR(3) amyg-am ang ANT-C(4) ANT-O(3) ANT-T(3) APIS(3) aq-mar ARG(3) ARG-N(4) arn ARS(3) aster AUR(3) AUR-I(3) bac bamb-a BAR-C(3) bell benz berb(2) bism(2) BOR(3) both-a both-l bov brass brom bry BUFO(3) caj CALAD(3) CALC(4) calc-p CAMPH(4) CANCH(3) CANN-I(3) CANTH(3) CAPS(4) carb-ac CARB-AN(3) CARB-V(4) carbn CARBN-S(3) CAUST(3) cere-b cere-s(2) CHAM(3) chel chim CHIN(4) chlf chlor choc chrysan cic coca COCC(3) coff CON(3) cortico CROTO-T(3) culx CUPR(3) CYCL(3) diox DULC(3) falco-p FERR(3) FL-AC(3) foll(2) gall GELS(3) get glon GRAPH(3) GRAT(3) guai haliae-lc harp HELL(3) helo hep HYOS(3) IGN(4) IOD(4) ion-rad(2) jab KALI-AR(3) KALI-BR(3) kali-c kali-fcy KALI-I(4) kali-p kola KREOS(3) LACH(3) lachn lepro(2) loxo-r LYC(4) LYSS(3) MAG-C(3) MAG-M(3) manc mang mang-acet meph MERC(4) MERC-C(3) merc-d merc-s merc-v MEZ(3) MUR-AC(4) NAT-C(3) nat-hchls NAT-M(3) nit-ac NUX-V(3) OP(4) opun-v ox-ac ozon par PH-AC(3) PHOS(4) phyt(2) pic-ac PLB(3) podo prun psil-c PSOR(3) pulx pyrog rheum(2) RHOD(4) rhus-t(2) rhus-v rob RUMX(3) sabad SABAL(3) salol SANG(4) SANIC(3) SARS(3) scirr SEC(4) SEP(3) SIL(3) SIN-N(3) sol-n SPIG(3) spong(2) STAPH(4) STRAM(4) succ SUL-AC(3) SULPH(3) sumb SYPH(3) taosc tax ter thea ther thuj tritic-v turq-l urt-u VERAT(4) verat-v VIOL-O(3) vip wies X-RAY(3) ZINC(3) zinc-m zinc-s.

Generalities; weight, sudden change of: ant-t bacch-a caras con diox(2) insul lyc med mus-m nat-m olea prom-m rib-ac xeno.

Clinical; cachexia, emaciation: abies-n(2) abrot(2) ACET-AC(3) alet alum ambr anac aq-mar aran arg ARG-N(3) arn ARS(4) ars-i bac bad BAR-C(3) bell benz berb-a bond bor(2) both-l cadm-p cadm-s CALC(3) calc-f calc-p calc-s camph canth caps carb-ac CARB-V(3) card-m(2) CAUST(3) cean cent CETR(3) cham chel CHIM(3) CHIN(3) chin-s chol cic cimic cina cist clem COC-C(3) con cory(2) cund cupr cupr-ar dros elmen erio eucal EUP-PER(3) FERR(3) ferr-m fic FL-AC(3) FORM(3) gaert gent-c hell hep hippoz hott HYDR(3) hydrc ichth IOD(4) KALI-BI(3) kali-br KREOS(3) LACH(3) lat-k laur LYC(3) macrin MAG-C(3) mag-m mag-p malar mang merc merc-n morph morph-s mur-ac myos myric NAT-C(3) NAT-M(3) nat-n NAT-S(3) NIT-AC(4) nux-m nux-v nyct ol-j op orni parth PETR(3) PH-AC(4) phel PHOS(3) phyt pic-ac PLB(3) plb-acet psor PULS(3) rhus-t sabal sanguin-n sass(2) SEC(3) seneg SEP(3) SIL(3) STANN(3) still SULPH(3) syph thal thuj torul TUB(3) URAN-N(3) urt-u VERAT(3) vip x-ray ZINC(3).

Bio-chemic; Malnutrition: cal p; nat m; sili

Mind; sluggishness

Mind; concentration; difficult: abrot acan-p ACON(3) acon-ac acon-c acon-l aconin acrid-t adam adan adon(2) adren aegle-f aego-p(2) AESC(3) AETH(4) agar(2) agath-a(2) AGN(3) aids(2) ail alch-v(2) alco(2) alet all-c alli-m(2) allox aloe(2) ALUM(3) alum-p alum-sil alum-tory am-c am-m AMBR(3) amer-n(2) amet(2) aml-n ANAC(4) ander andri-q ANDROC(3) ANG(3) ange-s anh ant-c anthop-x apei-s APIS(3) apom aq-mar aquila-a ARAN-IX(3) aran-s arbu-m arg arg-n arge-p argo(2) arist-cl arn(2) ars ars-i ars-met ars-s-f arum-t asaf ASAR(3) astac atp atro AUR(3) aur-m-n(2) aven bac bacch-a(2) bad BAMB-A(3) bani-c BAPT(3) BAR-C(4) bar-i BAR-M(3) bar-p bar-s bell berb betul biti-a blatta boerh borr-b bos-s(2) BOV(3) brachy-s brass(2) brom bros-g bry BUFO(3) but-ac bute-j(2) buth-aust bux c-di-o(2) cact cadm(2) caesal-s CALAD(3) CALC(3) CALC-AR(3) calc-caust CALC-F(3) calc-p calc-sil calen calop-s(2) calx-b camph cand-a cand-p(2) CANN-I(3) cann-s CANTH(3) caps caras carb-ac CARB-AN(3) CARB-V(4) carbn-o CARBN-S(4) CARC(3) carch-l cassi-f cassi-s(2) cath-a CAUST(4) cench cent cere-b cham chel chin chin-ar chin-s chir-f chlol chlorpr CHOC(3) chol cic CIMIC(3) cinis-p(2) cinnb citl-l clad-r clem(2) cob-n coca COCC(4) coch cod(2) coenz-a COFF(3) COLCH(3) coloc CON(3) conch(2) conin conv cop coriand(2) CORN(3) cortico(2) cortiso corv-c(2) crat croc crot-h culx-p CUPR(3) curc cycl cygn-c cygn-c-b cymb-c cypra-e cyt-l dama-d dat-a dendro-a des-ac diaz didel-v digin diox distem dpt DROS(3) dubin DULC(3) dys-co dysp dysp-p echi-a elaps electr emer(2) enal-c(2) ephe-v epip equis-a erb-c erig ERY-A(3) eryth(2) esp-g euon euon-a euph-hy euphr eur-n EXCR-CAN(3) eys fago FALCO-P(4) ferr ferr-ar ferr-c ferr-i ferr-p ferr-s fic-m fic-sp(2) fl-ac flor-p frax fum(2) galeoc-c gall galph GAMB(3) GELS(4) geoc-c ger-r GERM(4) GINK(4) gins GLON(4) glyc glyc-g goss granit-m GRAPH(4) grat gryl-a guin(2) gymn hafn(2) haliae-lc(2) halo ham harp HELL(4) helo helod-c helx-t hema-h(2) hep herin hipp hippo-k hir HIST(3) HOCH(3) hura hydr HYDR-AC(3) hydro-c HYDROG(4) hydrog-p-o HYOS(3) hyosin hyosin-s hyper iber ichth ictod igf(2) IGN(3) ignis ind indol insul interf iod irid irid-m iris jade(2) jug-c jug-r kali-ar kali-bi KALI-BR(3) KALI-C(3) kali-i kali-m kali-n KALI-P(3) kali-s kali-sil(2) kalm KOLA(4) kreos kryp lac-as LAC-C(3) lac-drom(2) LAC-EQ(3) LAC-H(3) lac-lox-a lac-lup lac-m lac-rup lac-v LACH(4) lachn lact lam lamp-c lant-c lant-p lap-laz LAT-H(3) lat-m latex laur lava-e(2) lava-f LEC(4) led leon(2) levo lil-s LIL-T(3) LIM-B-C(3) lith-c lol loxo-r LSD(3) luna LYC(4) lycpr lycps lyss m-arct M-ART(3) m-aust macrin mag-c mag-m MAG-P(3) maland malar manc mand(2) mang mang-p mangi mant-r MED(4) medus melal-a MELI(3) MELI-A(3) MEPH(3) MERC(3) merc-c merl methyl-p-h MEZ(3) micro-a mim-p mit mobil-ph morph morpho-m mosch muc-nas MUR-AC(3) musa myric myris nad(2) naja naja-h naja-m(2) narcot NAT-AR(4) NAT-C(3) nat-glt NAT-M(3) nat-p nat-sil nelu(2) neod neod-c neod-o neon nico-r(2) nicot niob(2) NIT-AC(3) nitro NUX-M(4) NUX-V(4) oci oci-s(2) oena ol-an ol-j olea OLND(3) onc-t onop ONOS(3) OP(3) oplo-h orig oro-ac ostr-c ox-ac oxyg oxyt(2) ozon parac-h parth(2) pass-d passi pele-o perl petr PH-AC(4) phol-p PHOS(4) phyl-a PHYS(3) phyt PIC-AC(4) pier-b pin-s pitu-a pitu-gl pitu-p plac PLAT(3) plect PLUT-N(3) polyst pop-x-c por-m posit pras-f prom-m propol pseuts-m psil-s PSOR(3) ptel pter-a(2) PULL-G(3) PULS(4) pyc-s pyrit pyrus-c quas rad-br RAN-B(3) ran-s raph rauw reser rham-cal rhod rhodi rhus-t RHUS-V(3) rib-ac ros-ca-a ros-d(2) ruta sabad sabin SAC-ALB(3) sals-t(2) salx-f(2) sam-co-m sang SANIC(3) santin sapin sapph saroth sarr sars scan scut sec SEL(3) senec seneg SEP(4) seq-g seq-s ser-ang sia-c(2) sid-al SIL(4) sile-c(2) sin-a SIN-N(4) sinusin(2) skat sol SOL-T-AE(3) spect spig SPONG(3) squil stach STANN(4) STAPH(3) stict STRAM(3) strept stront-c succ sul-ac sul-i sulfon SULPH(3) sumb SYPH(3) TAB(3) tama tanac tarax tarent tarent-c(2) tax tax-br tech tela(2) TER(3) terb-o thal thal-s thio-ac THUJ(3) thyr til tour-w trio tritic-v TUB(3) TUNG(4) turq-l(2) ulm-c unc-t upa upa-a uran(2) URO-H(3) uv-lux valer ven-m verat verat-v verb vib viol-o xeno xero ytte-p yuc ZINC(3) zinc-p zinc-pic ZING(3).

Mind; confusion of mind: abies-c absin ACET-AC(3) acher-a achy-a ACON(4) acon-ac acon-f aconin aconin-ps act-sp adam adan aego-p AESC(4) aesc-g AETH(3) AETHER(3) AGAR(4) agar-ph AGATH-A(3) agki-p agl-u AGN(3) aids(2) AIL(3) alch-v alco ALL-C(4) alli-m(2) allox ALOE(3) ALUM(4) alum-p ALUM-SIL(3) alum-tory alumn AM-BR(3) am-c AM-M(3) AMBR(4) amer-n(2) amet(2) AML-N(3) ammc amyg-am(2) ANAC(4) anac-oc anath andri-q ANDROC(3) ANG(4) ange-s ANH(3) anil ANT-C(3) ant-s ANT-T(4) anthop-x ANTHR(3) antipyrin aphis APIS(3) APOC(3) aq-des aq-mar aquila-a ARAN(4) aran-ix aran-s arbu-m ARG(3) arg-m ARG-N(4) arge-p argo arist-cl arist-s(2) ARN(3) ARS(4) ars-h ars-i ars-s-f arum-t asaf ASAR(4) aspar aspart astac aster astra-e atha atp atra-r ATRO(3) AUR(4) aur-ar aur-i aur-m AUR-M-N(3) aur-s aven BAMB-A(4) bani-c BAPT(4) bar-ar BAR-C(4) bar-i BAR-M(3) BAR-S(3) BELL(4) bell-p(2) benz benz-ac berb beryl beryl-n BISM(3) bism-o(2) biti-a biti-at biti-g blatta BOR(4) bos-s(2) both-l BOV(4) brach brachy-s BROM(3) bros-g bruc brucel BRY(4) BUFO(3) bung-f bute-j(2) butho-t c-di-o cact(2) cadm(2) CALAD(4) CALC(4) calc-acet CALC-AR(3) calc-caust(2) calc-i CALC-P(4) CALC-S(3) CALC-SIL(3) calo calo-l calop-s calx-b CAMPH(4) camph-br CAND-A(3) cand-p CANN-I(4) CANN-S(4) CANTH(3) CAPS(3) caras carb-ac(2) CARB-AN(4) CARB-V(4) CARBN-O(3) CARBN-S(3) carc(2) carch-l card-b card-m cari CARL(3) carn-g casc cassi-s(2) cast CAUST(4) cedr cench cent centr-s cer-o cer-s cere-b CHAM(4) CHEL(4) chely-s-o CHIN(4) CHIN-AR(3) chin-m CHIN-S(3) chir-f chlam-t chlf CHLOL(3) chlor chloram chlorpr choc chol chr-ac chr-o chrysan CIC(4) CIMIC(3) cimx CINA(3) cinch-s(2) cinis-p(2) cinnb clad-r CLEM(4) cob COC-C(4) COCA(3) cocain COCC(4) cod(2) COFF(4) coff-t coffin COLCH(3) colchin coli COLOC(4) colocin(2) com CON(4) conin conv convo-s cop COR-R(3) coriand(2) CORN(4) corn-f cortico cortiso corv-c(2) cot crat CROC(3) CROT-C(3) CROT-H(3) CROTO-T(4) CRYPT-N(3) cub culx culx-p cund CUPR(3) CUPR-ACET(3) cupr-ar(2) cupr-s cur curc CYCL(4) cygn-c cygn-c-b CYPRA-E(3) dama-d DAPH(3) dat-a dendro-a des-ac didel-v DIG(4) digin(2) diom-e DIOS(3) diox dirc distem dpt DROS(3) dttab DULC(4) dys-co ECHI-A(3) electr enal-c ephe-v epip eps-b equis-a erb erio ery-a eryth(2) eug euon euon-a eup-pur euph euph-pu EUPHR(4) eupi FAGO(3) fagu(2) FALCO-P(4) fel FERR(4) ferr-ar FERR-I(4) ferr-ma FERR-P(4) ferr-s fic-sp(2) fil FL-AC(3) flor-p foll form frax GALEOC-C(3) galin gall galph gamb gard-j GELS(4) gent-c(2) gent-l(2) geoc-c ger-r GERM(3) gink gins(2) GLON(4) glyc glyc-g gran granit-m GRAPH(4) graphi-a GRAT(4) grin gryl-a guai guare guin hafn haliae-lc(2) hall halo ham hedeo HELL(4) helod-c hema-h(2) HEP(3) herin hipp hist hoch(2) hura hydr hydr-ac HYDROG(4) hydrog-p-o HYOS(4) HYOSIN(3) hyosin-s HYPER(3) iber ictod IGN(4) ignis imp impa-w indg insul inul IOD(3) iodof IP(3) irid(2) irid-m iris-foe jab JADE(3) jatr jug-c jug-r kali-ar KALI-BI(3) KALI-BR(3) KALI-C(4) KALI-CHL(3) kali-cy KALI-I(3) kali-m KALI-N(3) KALI-P(3) KALI-S(3) KALI-SIL(4) kalm keroso KOLA(3) KREOS(3) kryp(2) lac-ac LAC-C(3) lac-del LAC-EQ(3) lac-h(2) LAC-LUP(3) lac-m lac-rup lac-v LACH(4) lachn lact(2) lam lamp-c lant lant-br lant-c lant-f lant-o lappa larre-t lat-h(2) latex LAUR(4) lava-e lava-f LEC(3) LED(3) leon(2) LIL-T(4) lim lim-b-c lina linu-c LITH-C(3) LOB(3) lob-p lob-s lol loxo-r LSD(4) luna lup lux-s-p(2) LYC(4) lycpr lyss m-arct m-art M-AUST(3) MAG-C(4) MAG-M(4) MAG-S(4) magn-gr malar manc mand(2) MANG(3) marm-a MED(3) medus melal-a melal-l(2) MELI(3) MELI-A(3) menth menthol MENY(3) meph MERC(4) merc-c MERC-I-F(4) merc-i-r MERC-S(3) merc-v MERL(4) meteo-a methyl-p-h MEZ(4) MILL(4) mobil-ph(2) moly morg morph morph-acet morpho-m MOSCH(4) muc-nas MUR-AC(3) murx musa musc-d(2) myos-a(2) myric NAJA(3) naja-h naja-m(2) narcot nat-ar NAT-C(4) nat-glt NAT-M(4) nat-ox(2) NAT-P(3) NAT-S(4) NAT-SIL(4) nelu(2) neod neon nept-m nest-n nicc nico-r(2) niob(2) NIT-AC(4) nitro nitro-o NUX-M(4) NUX-V(4) oci oci-s oena ol-an ol-j olea OLND(4) onc-t(2) ONOS(4) OP(4) oplo-h opun-v orig oro-ac ory-c osm OX-AC(3) oxyt OZON(3) paeon par parac-h parat parathyr paro-i paron parth pass-d paul-s ped peg-h per perh perl peti PETR(4) PH-AC(4) phas-c phel phol-p PHOS(4) phyl-a PHYS(3) physala-p phyt PIC-AC(3) pimp pip-m pitu-a pitu-gl plac plan PLAT(4) PLB(4) plb-chr plect PLUT-N(4) podo polyst pop-c pop-x-c por-m POSIT(3) prom-m pront prot prun-p psil-c psil-s PSOR(4) PTEL(3) pter-a PULS(4) puls-n PYROG(3) pyrus quas querc-r rad-br raja-s RAN-B(4) ran-s RAPH(3) rat(2) rauw rham-cal RHEUM(3) RHOD(4) rhodi rhus-g RHUS-T(4) rib-ac ros-ca ros-ca-a ros-d ros-g RUTA(4) SABAD(4) sabal SABIN(3) sac-alb sac-l sal-ac salin sals-t(2) salx-f(2) sam-co-m SAMB(4) samb-c sang sanic santin SARS(3) scan scorp scut SEC(3) SEL(4) senec SENEG(3) SEP(4) seq-g seq-s SIL(4) sile-c sin-n sinusin sol SOL-T-AE(3) sop-m SPIG(4) spira SPONG(3) SQUIL(3) STANN(3) STAPH(4) stel STICT(3) stoi-k STRAM(4) strept stront-c STRY(3) stry-m succ SUL-AC(3) sul-i sulfa sulfad sulfon SULPH(4) SUMB(3) SYPH(3) TAB(3) tama tanac taosc tarax(2) tarent tarent-c tart-ac TAX(4) tax-br tela tell telo-s tep ter teucr thal-s thea THER(3) thiop thiosin thlaspi THUJ(4) thul-c thymu TIL(4) titan tity-s tong tour-w toxop-p(2) trif-p TRIL(3) tril-c tritic-v trom tub tus-fa tus-p tyt-a ulm-c uran uran-n(2) URO-H(3) ust uv-lux(2) vac VALER(4) vani-p(2) vario VERAT(4) VERAT-V(4) verb vib vinc vince(2) VIOL-O(3) VIOL-T(3) vip visc vitis with-s XAN(3) xeno xero ZINC(4) zinc-o ZINC-P(4) zing.

Mind; dullness: abies-n abrot absin acal acan-p acet-ac acher-a achy-a ACON(4) acon-ac aconin acro-c-f act-sp(2) adam adax adon(2) AESC(3) aesc-g AETH(3) aether(2) AGAR(4) AGATH-A(3) agav-t age-a agki-p AGN(4) aids(2) AIL(3) alco(2) alet ALF(3) ALL-C(3) alli-m ALOE(4) ALUM(4) alum-p ALUM-SIL(3) AM-C(3) am-i AM-M(3) am-pic AMBR(4) amet(2) aml-n AMMC(3) amor-r amyg-am ANAC(4) anac-oc anath ander andri-q androc androg-p ANG(4) anh anil ANT-C(3) ant-i ANT-T(3) anthop-x antipyrin apei-s aphis APIS(3) apoc apom aq-mar aran arbu-m ARG(3) ARG-N(4) ARGE-P(3) argo(2) arist-s(2) ARN(4) ARS(4) ars-h ars-i ars-met ars-s-f arum-i arum-t arund ASAF(3) ASAR(4) asc-c asc-t aspart astac(2) aster astra-e atha atist atro AUR(4) aur-m-n aur-s AVEN(3) aza bac bacch-a bad BAMB-A(3) bani-c BAPT(4) bar-acet BAR-C(4) bar-f bar-i BAR-M(4) BELL(4) bell-p benz-ac BERB(4) berb-a betul BISM(3) biti-a biti-g blatta BOR(4) borr-b bos-s(2) BOV(4) brachy-s BROM(3) bros-g brucel(2) BRY(4) BUFO(3) bute-j(2) bux c-di-o cact cadm(2) cadm-s caesal caj calad CALC(4) calc-acet(2) CALC-AR(3) calc-caust calc-hp calc-i calc-m CALC-P(4) CALC-S(4) calc-sil calcul-r calen calop-s calx-b CAMPH(3) cand-a cann-i(2) CANN-S(4) CANTH(3) CAPS(4) carb-ac(2) CARB-AN(4) CARB-V(4) carbn-o CARBN-S(3) carc card-m(2) carl(2) cass cassi-s(2) cast cath-a caul CAUST(4) cedr cent cere-b CHAM(4) CHEL(4) chely-s-o chen-v chim CHIN(4) CHIN-AR(3) CHIN-S(3) chir-f chlf chlol chlor chr-ac chrysan CIC(4) CIMIC(3) cimx cina cinch-s CINNB(3) citl-l CLEM(3) cob cob-n coc-c COCA(3) cocain COCC(4) COCH(3) cod COFF(4) COLCH(4) coli coloc com CON(4) conin conv(2) COP(3) coriand(2) CORN(3) corn-f cortico cortiso cot(2) crat CROC(3) CROT-H(3) croto-t cub culx culx-p CUPR(4) cupr-acet cupr-ar(2) cupre-s cur curc CYCL(4) cygn-c-b cypr cypra-e cyrt-p cyt-l dam dama-d des-ac didel-v DIG(4) DIOS(3) diosm diox(2) dirc(2) dpt DROS(3) dubin DULC(4) dys-co ECHI-A(3) electr emer(2) epil epip equis(2) erig ery-a esp-g eucal eug euon euon-a eup-per eup-pur euph EUPHR(3) excr-can eys fago fagu falco-p FERR(4) ferr-acet ferr-i ferr-m ferr-ma ferr-p ferr-p-h FERR-PIC(3) fl-ac flor-p foll form FORM-AC(3) fried gad galeoc-c gall galph galv GELS(4) gent-l geoc-c ger-r germ get GINK(4) gins GLON(4) glyc glyc-g gnaph gran granit-m GRAPH(4) grat(2) GUAI(4) GUARE(4) gymn gymne haem hafn haliae-lc(2) halo HAM(4) harp(2) hedeo heli HELL(4) helod-c HELON(3) hema-h(2) HEP(4) her-s herin hipp hir hist hom hura(2) HYDR(3) HYDR-AC(3) hydrc hydro-c hydrog hydrog-p-o HYOS(4) hyosin hyosin-br hyosin-s HYPER(3) iber IGN(4) impa-w IND(3) indg indol insul interf IOD(4) ion-rad IP(3) irid IRIS(3) jab jac jade(2) jug-c jug-r juni-v just kali-bi(2) KALI-BR(4) KALI-C(4) kali-chl kali-i kali-n(2) KALI-P(3) KALI-S(3) KALI-SIL(4) kalm KOLA(4) KREOS(3) KRYP(3) lac-ac lac-as lac-c lac-cam lac-eq LAC-F(3) lac-h(2) lac-lox-a lac-lup lac-m lac-rup LACH(4) lachn lact(2) lam lamp-c lap-laz larre-t lat-h(2) lat-m latex LAUR(4) lav-v lava-e lec LED(4) leon(2) lepi lept LIL-T(3) lim LIM-B-C(3) lina linu-c lob lob-p lob-s lol loxo-r LSD(3) luna LYC(4) lycpr LYCPS(3) LYSS(3) m-arct(2) M-ART(3) m-aust macrin MAG-C(4) MAG-M(4) MAG-P(3) MAG-S(3) magn-gr maland malar manc mand mang mang-i mang-o mangi MED(3) melal-a MELI(3) meli-a menis MENTH(3) MENY(4) MEPH(3) MERC(4) MERC-C(4) merc-i-r(2) merc-k-i merc-p merc-s merl meteo-a methyl-p-h MEZ(4) mill mimul-l mit mobil-ph morbill morph morph-acet(2) morpho-m MOSCH(3) muc-nas MUR-AC(3) murx MYRIC(3) nabal nad(2) naja naja-h naja-m narc-po narcot NAT-AR(4) NAT-C(4) nat-glt NAT-M(4) nat-n NAT-P(3) NAT-S(3) NAT-SIL(3) nelu neon nicc nico-r(2) nicot niob NIT-AC(4) NIT-S-D(4) nitro-o note-s(2) NUX-M(4) NUX-V(4) nym oci-s ol-an olea OLND(4) onos OP(4) ophi-h osm OX-AC(3) OXYT(3) ozon paeon par paraf parth(2) paul-p ped pen penic perh perl PETR(4) PH-AC(4) phlor PHOS(4) PHYS(4) physal phyt PIC-AC(4) pimp pin-s PIP-M(3) pisc pitu-a PLAN(3) PLAT(4) PLB(4) plb-acet plect plut-n PODO(3) polyp-o polyst pop-x-c por-m posit(2) pront prun prun-p psil-c PSOR(4) ptel pter-a PULS(4) puls-n pyrit pyrus-c quas querc-r(2) rad-br raja-s RAN-B(3) RAN-S(3) raph ratt-n RAUW(3) rham-cal rham-f RHEUM(3) RHOD(4) rhodi rhus-g RHUS-T(4) RHUS-V(3) rib-ac rob ros-d(2) rosm rumx RUTA(4) SABAD(4) SABAL(3) SABIN(3) sac-alb sal-ac(2) salin sals-t(2) salx-f salx-n salx-p sam-co-m SAMB(3) sang sanic santin sapin sapo sarcol-ac saroth SARR(3) SARS(4) schran-u scorp scut SEC(4) SEL(4) SENEG(4) SEP(4) ser-ang sia-c(2) sid-al SIL(4) sin-a SIN-N(3) skat sol SOL-M(3) sol-n SOL-T-AE(3) SOLIN(3) sop-m spect SPIG(3) spira spirae SPONG(3) squil stach STANN(3) STAPH(4) stel STICT(4) still STRAM(4) strep-s strept STRONT-C(3) stry stry-val succ sul-ac sul-i sulfa sulfad sulfon SULPH(4) SUMB(3) swer-ch syc-co SYPH(3) TAB(3) tama tarax TARENT(3) tax(2) tax-br teg-a tela tell telo-s TER(3) term-c teucr teucr-s thala THER(3) thio-ac(2) thlaspi THUJ(4) THYR(4) til(2) tinos tity-t tour-w trach-v trif-p tril trio tritic-v trom TUB(4) tub-a tung turq-l(2) tus-p tyt-a ulm-c upa upa-a uran(2) uran-n urea uro-h urt-u ust uv-lux UVA(3) v-a-b VALER(4) vani-p(2) vario ven-m(2) VERAT(4) verat-n verat-v VERB(3) vero-o vesp vib vinc vince VIOL-O(3) viol-t vip wild with-s x-ray xeno xero yuc ZINC(4) zinc-i zinc-m ZINC-P(4) zinc-pic zinc-s(2) ZINC-VAL(3) ZING(3).

Mind; ennui, boredom: ACON(3) acon-ac AGAR(3) aloe ALUM(3) alum-tory alumn ambr amet(2) aml-n amph androc arbu-m argo arist-cl ars aur aur-m bamb-a bar-c berb biti-a bor bos-s(2) cadm cahin calc calc-i camph canth CAPS(3) carb-an cath-a cere-s chin choc chr clad-r CLEM(3) CON(3) croc culx(2) culx-p cupr cur cycl cygn-c-b des-ac elae elaps eryth(2) ferr galeoc-c gall ger-r germ glyc-g GRAPH(3) hafn harp herin hippo-k(2) holm-m hura hydr hydrc HYDROG(3) ign ip irid jade(2) kali-bi KALI-I(3) KALI-N(4) kiss KRYP(3) lac-as LAC-EQ(3) lac-h lach lat-h(2) laur lava-f led lil-t lsd lut LYC(3) mag-c mag-m manc mand mangi MERC(4) meteo-a mez mosch NAT-C(3) nat-glt nat-m neod neod-c nit-ac NUX-V(3) oplo-h oxyg ozon pass-d paul-p perl petr PH-AC(3) phas-c phos pier-b PIP-M(3) plat PLB(3) plb-acet posit puls ran-b rhus-t ros-b salx-f sanic SEC(3) sia-c(2) sile-c SOL(3) sop-m SPIG(3) spira sulph taosc tarent TUB(3) ven-m xeno ytte-n ytte-p zinc.

Mind; ideas; deficiency of: acet-ac ACON(3) aego-p aeth agar agath-a(2) agn aids alch-v all-s ALUM(3) alum-p alum-sil AM-C(4) ambr amet(2) aml-n ANAC(3) andri-q androc ang anh aq-mar arg arg-n arist-cl ARN(3) ART-V(3) arund asaf ASAR(3) aster atro aur(2) bacch-a bamb-a bani-c bar-c bell bell-p biti-a bov brachy-s brass(2) brom bros-g bry bufo bute-j c-di-o(2) cact caj CALAD(3) calc(2) calc-i CALC-P(3) calc-sil camph cand-a cann-i cann-s canth caps CARB-V(3) carbn-s carc CAUST(4) cench cham chen-a CHIN(3) chir-f chlol choc cic clad-r clem COCC(4) coff colch coli CON(4) coriand(2) corn croc crot-h culx-p cupr cycl cyrt-p dig diox(2) euon falco-p fic-m flor-p foll galeoc-c gall GELS(3) ger-r germ gink glon glyc-g gran graph GUAI(3) haliae-lc HELL(4) helod-c hep herin HYDR-AC(3) HYDROG(3) HYOS(3) hyper ictod IGN(4) iod ip irid irid-m jade(2) KALI-BR(3) KALI-C(3) kola kreos lac-d lac-del lac-eq lac-h lac-lox-a lac-v LACH(4) lat-h laur lava-f lepi lil-t lim-b-c lith-c loxo-r lsd luna LYC(4) LYCPS(3) m-arct m-art m-aust macrin maia-l marm-a med MENY(3) MERC(3) MERC-C(3) MEZ(3) mobil-ph mosch MUR-AC(3) myos-a(2) naja-m NAT-C(3) NAT-M(4) nat-p neon NIT-AC(3) NUX-M(3) nux-v oena ol-an(2) OLND(3) OP(4) oro-ac ozon pall ped petr PH-AC(4) phlor PHOS(4) phyt PLAT(3) PLB(3) plut-n posit pot-a prom-m pseuts-m psil-s psor pter-a PULS(4) RAN-B(3) ran-s raph ratt-n rham-cal rheum rhod RHUS-T(3) ros-d rumx ruta salx-f sars scut SEL(4) SEP(4) sil(2) sile-c sinusin(2) spect spig STANN(4) STAPH(4) stram strept stry SULPH(3) tanac TARENT(3) tarent-c tax tela THUJ(3) trom tub tung ulm-c uran valer VERAT(3) xan ZINC(3) ZING(3).

Mind; prostration of mind: ABIES-C(3) abies-n(2) abrot absin(2) acan-p ACET-AC(3) achy achy-a ACON(4) acon-f acrid-t act-sp adam adax adon(2) adren aego-p aesc AETH(3) aether AGAR(3) agath-a age-a AGN(3) aids AIL(3) alco(2) ALET(3) ALF(3) allox aloe(2) alst-s ALUM(3) alum-p alum-sil alumn am-c(2) am-m AMBR(3) aml-n ammc amyg-am ANAC(4) anag(2) anath ANG(3) ange-a(2) ANH(3) anil ANT-C(3) ant-n-l ANT-T(3) anthop-x ANTIPYRIN(3) ap-g(2) APIS(3) AQ-MAR(3) aquila-a aral ARAN(3) aran-s ARG(4) ARG-N(4) argo arist-cl(2) ARN(3) ARS(3) ars-h ARS-I(3) ars-s-f ART-V(3) arum-d arum-i ASAF(3) ASAR(3) asc-t aspart ASTER(3) astra-e atra-r atro AUR(4) aur-ar aur-i aur-m aur-m-n AUR-S(4) AVEN(4) aza ba-sv bac bacch-a(2) BALS-P(3) BAMB-A(3) bani-c BAPT(4) BAR-C(4) bar-i bar-m bar-s barb-b BELL(4) bell-p BERB(3) beryl-n biti-a biti-g blatta bos-s(2) BOV(3) brachy-s BRY(3) bufo buni-o bute-j buth-aust cact cadm(2) cadm-s calad CALC(4) CALC-AR(3) calc-caust calc-f calc-hp calc-i CALC-P(3) calc-pic calc-s calc-sil calen calo CAMPH(3) camph-br cand-a cand-p cann-i CANN-S(4) CANTH(3) CAPS(3) CARB-AC(4) carb-an CARB-V(4) carbn-o CARBN-S(3) carc carch-l CARD-B(3) carl cass(2) CAST(3) CAUL(3) CAUST(3) cedr CHAM(4) chel chen-a(2) CHIN(4) chin-ar chin-m CHIN-S(3) CHION(3) chir-f(2) chlf CHLOR(3) chlorpr choc chol chr-s CIC(3) CIMIC(3) cinis-p cinnam(2) CINNB(3) cit-a(2) clem COB-M(3) cob-n COCA(4) cocain(2) COCC(4) cod COFF(4) coff-t COFFIN(3) COLCH(3) coli coloc colocin CON(4) conin conin-br conv convo-d convo-s cop coriand(2) corn corn-f cortico crat croc crot-h cub culx-p CUPR(4) CUPR-ACET(3) cupr-ar CUR(3) curc cycl(2) CYPR(3) DAM(3) dendro-a DIG(3) digin dios dip DIPH(3) diphtox dor dros dulc dys-co dysp eaux ECHI-A(4) elaps electr enteroc epip equis erb ergot eucal euon-a excr-can(2) fago feld FERR(3) ferr-p ferr-p-h FERR-PIC(4) FL-AC(3) flor-p FORM(3) franz(2) gall galph gaul GELS(4) gent-l(2) germ gink GINS(4) glon(2) glyc glyc-g gran GRANIT-M(3) GRAPH(3) grat GUAI(3) guare haem haliae-lc ham harp hedeo HELL(4) helo HELON(3) hema-h(2) HEP(3) her-s HIPP(3) ho hoch(2) hura HYDR(3) hydr-ac hydrc HYDRO-C(3) HYOS(4) HYOSIN(3) hyosin-s HYPER(3) hypoth IBER(3) IGN(4) ignis ilx-p(2) imp(2) ind indg IOD(3) ip(2) irid irid-m IRIS(3) kali-ar kali-bi KALI-BR(4) KALI-C(3) kali-cy kali-hp KALI-I(3) kali-n KALI-P(4) KALI-SIL(3) kiss KOLA(3) kreos lac-c lac-d lac-eq lac-h(2) lac-lox-a lac-m(2) lac-v LACH(4) lact lam(2) lat-h lat-k lat-m LAUR(3) LAV-V(3) lava-e(2) LEC(4) LED(3) leon(2) lepi lept LIL-T(3) lim LIM-B-C(3) linu-c lith-c lith-m LOB(3) lob-d lob-e lob-p lob-s lol loxo-r lsd LYC(4) lycps lyss M-ARCT(3) m-aust MAG-C(3) mag-m MAG-P(3) mag-s magn-gr malar manc mand mang marm-a med melal-a meli meli-a MELIS(3) menis meny MEPH(3) MERC(4) MERC-C(3) MERC-CY(3) merc-i-r MERC-V(4) merl meteo-a methyl mez micro-a mill(2) mim-p mimul-l morph morph-acet morph-s MOSCH(3) MUR-AC(3) murx musa nad NAJA(3) naja-m(2) nat-ar NAT-C(4) NAT-HCHLS(3) NAT-M(4) NAT-P(4) NAT-S(3) nat-sal NAT-SIL(4) nicot nid niob NIT-AC(4) NIT-S-D(3) note-s NUPH(3) NUX-M(4) NUX-V(4) oena OENO(3) ol-an ol-j OLND(3) ONOS(3) OP(3) orig(2) orig-v(2) orni osm OX-AC(3) oxyt(2) PALL(3) par parth passi(2) PAUL-S(3) perl PETR(3) PH-AC(4) PHOS(4) phyl-a PHYS(3) PHYT(3) PIC-AC(4) piloc PIP-M(3) pitu-a PLAN(3) PLAT(3) PLB(3) plut-n(2) podo polyg pop-x-c posit prim-v(2) propr-chl prot PSOR(3) ptel pter-a PULS(4) pyrog quas querc-r(2) rad-br ran-b ran-s raph rauw reser rham-cal rhod rhodi RHUS-T(4) rib-ac ric rosm RUTA(3) SABAD(3) SABAL(3) SABIN(3) sac-l sal-ac(2) SALV(3) sam-co-m sang sanic sapin SARCOL-AC(3) SARS(3) schran-u scroph-n SCUT(4) sec SEL(4) senec senec-j SENEG(3) SEP(4) SIL(4) SIN-N(3) sium sol-m solid spar-s SPIG(3) SPONG(3) squil stang-e STANN(4) STAPH(4) stel STRAM(4) strept stroph STRY(3) STRY-AR(3) stry-n STRY-P(3) stry-val succ SUL-AC(3) sul-i sulfon SULPH(4) sumb(2) syc-co syph TAB(3) tanac tarax TARENT(3) tarent-c tax tela ter terb-n TEUCR(4) thea THER(3) THUJ(3) thymol thymu(2) THYR(3) til(2) tity-s tity-t torul trib trio tritic-v TUB(3) tus-fa ulm-c upa-a uran uran-n(2) UREA(3) ust v-a-b VALER(3) vani-p(2) VERAT(4) verat-v(2) verb vero-o vib VIOL-O(3) viol-t vip with-s x-ray xan yohim ZINC(4) ZINC-ACET(3) ZINC-AR(3) zinc-m ZINC-O(3) ZINC-P(4) ZINC-PIC(3) zinc-s ZINC-VAL(3) zing(2).

Mind; senses; dullness of, blunted: ABSIN(3) ACON(3) acon-c acon-f act-sp adan adax aeth aether(2) agar agath-a agn aids AIL(3) alco(2) all-c ALUM(3) alum-p alum-sil am-c am-caust ambr aml-n amyg-am ANAC(4) andri-q ang anh ant-c ANT-T(3) anthop-x APIS(3) aq-mar ARG-N(3) ARN(3) ARS(3) ars-i asaf asar astac atro aur(2) aur-m-n BAPT(3) bar-c bar-i bar-m bar-s BELL(3) bell-p betul BISM(3) blatta(2) bor BOV(3) brachy-s brom BRY(3) bufo cadm calc(2) calc-acet calc-i calc-s calc-sil CAMPH(4) cann-i cann-s CANTH(3) CAPS(3) CARB-AC(3) CARB-AN(3) CARB-V(4) carbn-o cass CAUST(3) cedr CHAM(4) CHEL(3) CHIN(3) CHIN-S(3) chlf CHLOR(3) choc chrysan CIC(3) cic-m(2) clem cocain COCC(3) coff CON(3) conin conv croc crot-h culx-p CUPR(4) cupr-acet CYCL(3) daph dat-m(2) DIG(3) digin dinitrob diph dros DULC(3) echi-a electr eup-per euphr flor-p gall GELS(3) germ GLON(3) graph haliae-lc heli HELL(4) hep herin HYDR-AC(3) hydrog-p-o HYOS(3) ign indg iod iodof ip irid iris jade(2) KALI-BR(3) KALI-C(3) kali-i KALI-P(3) kali-sil kreos(2) lac-h lac-lup LACH(3) lact lam lant-f lat-h latex LAUR(4) lava-e lava-f led leon(2) lil-t lob-p lsd LYC(3) m-arct m-art m-aust MAG-C(3) mag-m mag-s MAND(3) MANG(3) mang-p melal-a meny MERC(3) merl mez(2) morph(2) mosch MUR-AC(3) naja narc-po narc-ps nat-c nat-glt NAT-M(3) nicot nit-ac NIT-S-D(3) NUX-M(4) NUX-V(4) oci-s OENA(3) ol-an OLND(4) OP(4) oxyt ozon paeon par pass-d PETR(3) PH-AC(4) PHOS(4) PHYS(3) piloc PLAT(3) PLB(3) plb-chr pop-c posit prom-m psil-c psil-s psor PULS(3) quas ran-b(2) ran-s rheum rhod(2) rhus-g RHUS-T(3) russ sabad sabin sarr sars SEC(3) SEL(3) seneg SEP(3) SIL(3) sol-n spirae spong stann staph STRAM(4) sul-h sul-i SULPH(3) TAB(3) ter thea ther THUJ(3) thyr tritic-v tub valer VERAT(3) vesp vip visc ZINC(3) zinc-p.

Mind; slowness: absin acet-ac acon aconin adam adan adon(2) aeth AGAR(4) agar-ph aids(2) alch-v alco(2) alf allox aloe ALUM(3) am-c AM-M(3) ambr aml-n ammc ANAC(3) andri-q androc anh ant-c ant-t anthop-x APIS(3) apoc aq-mar arbu-m arg arg-n arg-s arist-cl ARN(3) ARS(3) ars-h ars-s-f asaf ASAR(3) astac aur-m bac BAMB-A(3) BAPT(3) BAR-C(4) BELL(3) bell-p benz beryl betul biti-at biti-g bor bor-ac borr-b bos-s(2) BOV(3) brachy-s bros-g BRY(4) bufo CACT(3) cadm CALC(3) CALC-AR(3) calc-caust CALC-F(3) CALC-P(3) calen calop-s camph cann-s canth CAPS(4) carb-ac carb-an CARB-V(3) carbn-h carbn-o(2) carbn-s carc(2) cari carl CAUST(3) CENCH(3) CHEL(4) CHIN(4) chin-s(2) chlf chlorpr choc chr cic cina cinis-p clem clem-vit COCC(4) colch coloc CON(4) conin corn-f cortiso croc(2) CROT-H(3) culx culx-p cupr cupr-acet curc cycl cymb-c cypra-e dama-d des-ac dig diph dpt dulc dys-co ECHI-A(3) emer(2) enal-c erb ergot eug euon-a EUPHR(3) eur-n EXCR-CAN(3) fagu falco-p ferr ferr-ma ferr-p fil fl-ac flor-p foll gad gall GELS(3) ger-r germ gink GRAPH(4) GUAI(3) halo harp HELL(4) helod-c hep herin hist hoch(2) holm hura hydr-ac(2) hydrog HYOS(3) ign ilx-p insul interf IOD(3) ip(2) irid-m jug-r kali-bi KALI-BR(3) kali-c KALI-M(3) kali-p kola kreos LACH(4) lamp-c lant-c lant-p lat-h(2) laur lav-v lava-e LEC(4) lil-t lith-c lol lsd lux-s-p LYC(3) LYCPS(3) m-arct(2) m-art m-aust mag-c mag-m mag-p mag-s med melal-l(2) meny(2) meph MERC(4) merc-v(2) methyl-p-h mez(2) mim-p mobil-ph morg morpho-m mur-ac musa naja-m NAT-C(4) NAT-HCHLS(3) NAT-M(4) nat-p nat-s nelu NIT-AC(3) nitro NUX-M(4) NUX-V(4) OLND(3) onop ONOS(3) OP(3) ory-c ox-ac ozon perh petr PH-AC(4) PHOS(4) plac plat PLB(4) PLUT-N(3) posit prom-m psil-s PULS(3) pyrog ran-b RAN-S(3) ratt-n rheum RHOD(3) rhodi RHUS-T(3) rib-ac ros-d(2) ruta(2) sabad sals-t(2) salx-f sam-co-m sanic sars scroph-n SEC(3) sel SEP(4) SIL(3) sile-c skat spig spong SQUIL(4) stann staph strept stront-c SUL-AC(3) SULPH(3) sus(2) syph tab tang TARAX(3) tarent tax-br TEUCR(4) thal-s ther thiosin THUJ(3) thyr tour-chr tour-w trinit tritic-v tub turq-l(2) tyt-a ulm-c uran uro-h verat(2) verb vib viol-t vip vitis x-ray ZINC(3).

Mind; stupefaction, as if intoxicated: abel abies-c abies-n abrot(2) ABSIN(3) acan-p ACET-AC(4) achy ACON(4) acrid-t act-sp(2) adan adax adon(2) aegle aego-p aesc aesc-g AETH(4) aether AGAR(4) agar-pa AGAR-PH(3) agar-se agar-st agarin agath-a(2) agav-t AGN(3) aids AIL(4) alco alet alf all-c all-s(2) allox aln-g ALOE(3) alst-s ALUM(4) alum-p alum-sil ALUMN(4) AM-C(4) am-caust AM-M(3) ambr amet(2) AML-N(3) amor-r amyg-am amyg-p ANAC(4) anac-oc anag ANATH(3) androc ang ANH(3) ANT-C(4) ant-i ant-m ant-n-l ANT-T(3) anthop-x ANTHR(3) anthro antipyrin APIS(4) APOC(4) apom aq-mar ara-m ARAN(3) aran-ix aran-s arbu-m ARG(4) ARG-M(3) ARG-N(3) arg-s argo ARN(4) ARS(4) ars-h ars-i ars-met ars-s-f ART-V(3) arum-t ASAF(4) ASAR(3) asc-c asc-t ASTAC(3) astra-e atha ATRO(3) AUR(4) AUR-M(4) AUR-M-N(3) AUR-S(3) AVEN(3) AZA(3) bacch-a BAD(3) bamb-a bani-c BAPT(4) BAR-C(3) bar-m(2) bar-s BELL(4) bell-p benz benz-ac benz-n BERB(4) berb-a bism(2) biti-a biti-at BOR(3) bos-s(2) both-l botul BOV(4) brachy-s BROM(3) bruc BRY(4) BUFO(3) bute-j buth-aust c-di-o CACT(3) CADM(3) cadm-i CADM-O(4) cadm-s cahin CAJ(3) CALAD(4) CALC(4) calc-acet CALC-AR(3) calc-caust CALC-F(3) calc-i calc-m CALC-OX(3) CALC-P(3) calc-s calc-sil calen calo calop-s CAMPH(4) camph-br cand-a cand-p CANN-I(3) CANN-S(3) CANTH(4) CAPS(3) carb-ac(2) CARB-AN(4) CARB-V(4) carbn-h(2) CARBN-O(3) CARBN-S(4) carc care-a(2) cari carl(2) cath-a CAUST(4) cean(2) cedr cench cent CHAM(4) CHEL(4) chelo chely-s-o chen-a CHIN(4) CHIN-AR(3) chin-b CHIN-S(3) chion chlf chlol CHLOR(3) chlorpr choc chr-ac CIC(3) CIMIC(3) CINA(3) cinch-s CIST(3) cit-a cit-ac CIT-L(3) citl-l CLEM(3) cob cob-m COC-C(3) coca cocain COCC(4) coch coch-o(2) cod(2) COFF(4) coff-t COFFIN(4) COLCH(3) coll COLOC(4) com CON(4) conv(2) COP(4) cor-r cori-r corn corn-f cortico cortiso CROC(3) crot-c CROT-H(3) CROTO-T(4) cryp cub culx-p cund(2) CUPR(4) CUPR-ACET(3) CUPR-AR(3) cupr-c cupr-s CUR(4) CYCL(4) cygn-c cygn-c-b cymb-c cypr cypra-e cyrt-p cyt-l(2) cytin(2) daph dat-s DIG(4) digin dinitrob(2) DIOS(3) diosm diosp-k(2) diox(2) DIPH(3) dor(2) DROS(3) dubin DULC(4) dys-co dysp ECHI-A(3) ELAT(3) electr emer EPHE-V(3) equis-a erech erio EUCAL(3) eug euon-a EUP-PER(3) EUPH(3) euph-l euph-pe euphr(2) eupi excr-can(2) eys fagu(2) falco-p FERR(4) ferr-acet ferr-ar ferr-i ferr-m ferr-p fic-m fil FL-AC(4) flor-p form gado-n gall galph galv gast gaul GELS(4) gent-l gink gins GLON(3) glyc-g gran(2) GRAPH(4) grat(2) GRIN(3) GUAI(4) guare gunp haem hafn hall HAM(3) hedeo helia HELL(4) helo helod-c HELON(3) hema-h(2) HEP(4) hepat her-s(2) herin hier-p hippo-k hippoz hott hura HYDR(3) hydr-ac hydrc hydro-c hydro-v hydrog-p-o HYOS(4) HYOSIN(3) hyosin-s hyper iber ichth IGN(4) impa-w ind indol insul IOD(4) iodof ion-rad IP(4) IRIS(3) jatr jug-c(2) jug-r(2) juni-v just kali-ar KALI-BI(3) KALI-BR(3) KALI-C(4) KALI-CHL(3) kali-cy kali-hp KALI-I(4) KALI-M(4) kali-ma KALI-N(3) KALI-P(3) kali-s kali-sil kali-sula KALM(3) kaol keroso kiss KOLA(3) KREOS(3) kres kryp lac-c lac-d lac-f lac-h(2) lac-lup lac-m LACH(4) lachn lact lact-s(2) lam lamp-c lampr-s lapa LAT-H(4) latex lath LAUR(4) lava-e lava-f LED(4) lem-m leon(2) LIL-T(3) lim lim-b-c LOB(3) lob-p lol lon-c lon-x lsd(2) LUP(3) lux-s-p LYC(4) lycpr LYCPS(3) lyss M-ARCT(3) m-art m-aust macrin MAG-C(3) MAG-M(3) MAG-P(3) MAG-S(3) maland malar manc mand(2) mang(2) mang-acet mant-r marr(2) MED(3) melal-a MELI(3) menthol MENY(3) meph MERC(4) MERC-C(3) merc-cy merc-d merc-i-f merc-i-r merc-n merc-pr-r merl meteo-a methyl-p-h MEZ(3) mill mobil-ph(2) morph morph-acet(2) morph-m morph-s morpho-m MOSCH(3) MUR-AC(4) mus-m musc-d(2) myos-a(2) myric myris nabal naja naja-m(2) naphtin narcin nat-ar nat-br NAT-C(4) nat-f NAT-HP(3) NAT-M(4) nat-n NAT-P(3) NAT-S(4) nat-sil nelu(2) nept-m nicc nicot NIT-AC(4) NIT-S-D(3) nitro-o NUPH(3) NUX-M(4) NUX-V(4) nym o-a-n OENA(3) okou ol-an ol-j olea OLND(4) onc-t OP(4) oplo-h oreo ORIG(3) orthos(2) OX-AC(3) oxyg oxyt OZON(3) paeon pall par(2) parac-h parth PASSI(3) paul-p paul-s per perh PETR(3) PH-AC(4) phas-c phel(2) phenob PHOS(4) PHYS(3) PHYT(4) pic-ac picro pier-b piloc pimp pin-a PIP-M(4) pipe pitu-a plac PLAN(3) PLAT(3) plat-m PLB(4) plb-acet(2) plb-chr plut-n(2) PODO(4) polyv posit POT-T(4) pras prim-o prom-m pront prot psil-c psil-s PSOR(4) PTEL(3) pter-a PULS(4) pyre-p PYROG(3) pyrus pyrus-c quas QUERC-R(3) RAD-BR(3) RAN-B(4) ran-s raph rat rham-cal rham-f(2) RHEUM(3) RHOD(4) RHUS-D(4) rhus-g rhus-r RHUS-T(4) RHUS-V(3) rob ros-d ros-g rumx RUTA(3) SABAD(4) SABIN(3) sac-alb sal-ac salv salx-f(2) sam-co-m sam-m SAMB(3) SANG(3) sanic sapph sarr SARS(3) sass(2) scan scorp scroph-n scut SEC(4) SEL(4) senec SENEG(3) SEP(4) ser-ang SIL(4) sin-a skat sol sol-m SOL-N(4) SOL-T(3) SOL-T-AE(3) SOLIN(3) spar-s SPIG(3) spig-m SPONG(3) squil STANN(3) STAPH(4) STILL(3) stoi-k STRAM(4) STRONT-C(3) STROPH(3) STRY(3) stry-m succ SUL-AC(3) sul-h sul-i sulfa sulfad sulfon sulo-ac SULPH(4) syph TAB(3) tanac tang tarax(2) TARENT(3) TARENT-C(4) tax teg-a telo-s tep TER(3) tere-ch teucr teucr-s thal-s thea THER(4) thio-ac thiosin thlaspi THUJ(4) thymu(2) thyr til tinos tity-t tong torul tour-w tritic-v TUB(3) tus-f unc-t uran uran-n urt-u uza VALER(3) vani-p VERAT(4) verat-n verat-v VERB(3) verbe-h vib vib-p vince viol-t vip VISC(3) vitis weil wye X-RAY(3) xan(2) xeno XERO(3) ZINC(4) zinc-br zinc-p zinc-s ziz.

Generalities; flabby feeling: ABROT(3) acet-ac ACON(3) aegle-f aego-p agar(2) agn AM-C(3) am-m ambr ang ant-t APIS(3) arg ARG-N(3) arn ARS(4) ars-h asaf asar ASTER(3) aur-m BAR-C(3) bar-s bell bism-n blatta BOR(3) both-l bov brucel bry bufo CALC(4) calc-f calc-i CALC-P(3) calc-s calc-sil CAMPH(4) canth CAPS(4) carb-an carb-v CAUST(4) CHAM(3) CHEL(3) CHIN(3) chin-ar chin-s chlorpr cic cimic cina CLEM(3) COCC(3) coff coli CON(4) CROC(4) CUB(3) CUPR(3) cupr-acet(2) CYCL(3) cygn-c cygn-c-b DIG(3) diox dys-co euph euphr FERR(3) ferr-ma FL-AC(3) gent-l get graph hall ham harp hell HEP(3) HYDR(4) HYOS(3) IGN(4) IOD(4) IP(3) KALI-AR(3) KALI-BI(4) KALI-C(3) kali-i kali-n kali-p kali-s kreos lac-f LACH(3) larre-t laur LYC(4) LYCPS(3) LYSS(3) mag-c MAG-M(3) meny MERC(4) merc-c MERC-D(3) merl mez morph MOSCH(3) mur-ac NAT-AR(3) NAT-C(4) nat-hchls nat-m nat-p neon NIT-AC(3) nux-m NUX-V(3) olnd onos OP(3) ozon par passi petr PH-AC(3) PHOS(4) pimp(2) PLAT(3) plb PODO(3) PSOR(3) puls PYROG(3) querc-r rheum rhod RHUS-T(3) SABAD(3) sabin salv SANIC(3) SARS(3) sec(2) seneg(2) SEP(4) ser-ang SIL(3) sol-t-ae SPONG(3) STAPH(3) stram stront-c sul-ac SULPH(4) sumb tab TARAX(3) ter(2) tere-ch teucr thea thuj thymu-v(2) THYR(3) tril-c tus-fa upa VERAT(4) verat-v xan(2) yuc ZINC(3).

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