Motion sickness (travel sickness, car sickness) is a general sense of not feeling well, nausea, vomiting, headache, and sweating that is caused when Your brain receives signals from motion-sensing parts of your body: your eyes, inner ears, muscles and joints. When these parts send conflicting information, your brain doesn’t know whether you’re stationary or moving. Your brain’s confused reaction makes you feel sick.

Risk factors increase your chances of getting motion sickness:

• Family history of motion sickness.
• An estimated one in three people get motion sickness at some point. , and  are most at risk. Still, the condition can affect anyone.
• Hormonal birth control.
• Inner ear disorders.
• Menstrual periods.
• Migraines.
• Women.
• children age two to 12.
• Parkinson’s disease.
• Pregnancy.

Causes motion sickness

For example, when riding in a car, your:

• Eyes see trees passing by and register movement.

• Inner ears sense movement.

• Muscles and joints sense that your body is sitting still.

• Brain senses a disconnect among these messages.

Trigger for motion sickness:

• Amusement park rides and virtual reality experiences.
• Reading while in motion.
• Riding in a boat, car, bus, train or plane.
• Video games and movies.

Symptoms of motion sickness

Motion sickness can take you by surprise. You may feel fine one moment and then suddenly experience some of these symptoms:

• Perspiration;Cold sweats.
• Dizziness.
• Fatigue.
• Headache.
• Irritability.
• Inability to concentrate.
• Increased saliva, nausea and vomiting.
• Pale skin.
• Rapid breathing or gulping for air.

Complications of motion sickness

Motion sickness doesn’t tend to cause serious problems. Rarely, some people can’t stop throwing up.
Excessive vomiting can cause dehydration and low blood pressure (hypotension).

How can I prevent motion sickness?

These actions can lower your chances of getting sick or ease symptoms if they occur:

• Herbs: Breathe in soothing mint, ginger or lavender scents. Suck on hard candies made with peppermint or ginger.

• Diet and drink: Drink plenty of water. Choose low-fat, bland, starchy foods before traveling. Avoid heavy meals and greasy, spicy or acidic foods that can upset your stomach. Don’t drink alcohol or smoke.

• Fresh air: Direct air vents to blow toward you. And roll down windows in cars.

• Distant gaze: Put down the phone, tablet or book. Instead, look at an object in the distance or at the horizon.

• Lie back: Recline, if possible, and close your eyes.

• Pressure points: Wear acupressure wristbands.

You should always face forward when traveling. Where you sit can also make a difference to minimize disruptive motion:

• Boat: Sit in the middle of the boat on the upper deck.

• Bus: Choose a window seat.

• Car: Sit in the front passenger seat.

• Cruise ship: Book a cabin toward the front or middle of the ship. If you can, choose one on a lower level, closer to the water.

• Plane: Sit in the wing section.

• Train: Choose a forward-facing window seat.

Motion Sickness (Homoeopathy)
In most cases treatment with homoeopathic drugs is necessary and in some cases,  it is the only method of treatment as conventional treatment cannot offer a cure always. Merely treating Motion sickness on symptomatology basis has failed to give permanent relief.

So a holistic approach considering the individualistic treatment to provide an improved understanding of the patient’s situation and to make it easier and possible to avoid recurrences in the future has to be kept in mind in treating such diseases.

In the context of travel, Homoeopath have some valid conclusions, regarding the holistic and individualistic approach to motion sickness. Homoeopath takes the set of most distinct, individual symptoms into account, which is truly characteristic of the patient forming the basis of prescription which eventually leads to cure. It is hoped that useful information will be gained both on the entity of motion sickness, as well as the homoeopathic approach to its management.

Listed Homoeopathic Medicine in Homoeopathic Repertory:

Stomach; nausea; motion-sickness: absin(2) acan-p acon agar allox alpi(2) alumn AML-N(4) androc ant-t apis APOM(3) aq-mar aral ARG(3) argo arn ARS(3) astac bad BAR-S(3) BELL(3) beryl bor bov bros-g BRY(4) cadm(2) CALC(3) CALC-P(3) canth caps CARB-AC(3) carb-an carc cench cer-ox cere-b chel chin-ar CHLF(3) CHLOL(3) cinnam cob coca cocain COCC(4) coff COLCH(3) com CON(4) convo-s coriand cortico croc croto-t cuc-p curc CYCL(3) cyt-l des-ac dig dys-co eucal euph EUPH-C(4) ferr ferr-m flor-p gink GLON(3) HEP(3) herin hippo-k hura hydr-ac hydrog HYOS(4) iber ign ip irid(2) IRIS(3) KALI-BI(3) kali-br kali-p kola KREOS(3) LAC-AC(3) LAC-D(3) lac-eq lach lat-m latex lil-t loxo-r LYC(3) m-arct MAG-C(3) manc mand melal-a meny(2) morph morpho-m naja NAT-M(3) nat-s neon nept-m nicot NIT-AC(3) NUX-M(4) NUX-V(3) OP(4) ozon PETR(4) PHOS(3) plut-n prom-m psor pter-a puls sac-l SANIC(3) sapph sel SEP(4) SIL(3) spig STAPH(3) strept succ SULPH(4) TAB(3) tarent thea THER(3) thuj thyr(2) tub vani-p zinc zing.(144)

Vertigo; motion; agg.: acon act-sp adan adon AGAR(3) aids ail ALOE(3) alum alum-sil AM-C(3) am-m AMBR(3) aml-n anac ander ang ARG(3) arge-p ARN(3) asar aspart ATRO(3) AUR(3) aur-m bamb-a bar-acet BAR-C(3) BELL(3) bell-p berb berb-a bism blatta bor both-a BROM(3) brucel(2) BRY(4) bufo c-di-o cact cadm cadm-s CALC(4) calc-acet calc-ar CALC-P(3) CALC-S(3) cann-i carb-ac carb-an CARB-V(3) carc carch-l caul CAUST(3) cean chel CHIN(3) chin-s cinis-p clad-r clem cob-n coca COCC(4) COFF(3) COLOC(3) CON(4) crot-c crot-h croto-t culx-p cupr CUR(3) cycl cyna CYPRA-E(3) DIG(3) diox dys-co echi-a eps-b euphr FERR(4) ferr-i ferr-p fl-ac gamb GELS(3) germ GLON(3) glyc-g gran granit-m GRAPH(3) grat hed helo HELON(3) hema-h HEP(3) HIST(3) hydr-ac hydrog hyosin IGN(3) ind IP(3) JAB(3) kali-bi KALI-BR(3) KALI-C(3) kali-chl KALM(3) kreos kryp LAC-AC(3) lac-c LAC-D(3) lac-lup lach lact lampr-s lar-ar lat-h(2) latex laur LIL-T(3) lob-s LOL(3) lyc lycps MAG-C(3) malar manc mand mang mangi MED(3) medus meli-a meph merc MILL(3) morph MORPH-M(3) morph-s morpho-m MOSCH(3) MUR-AC(3) narcot nat-ar nat-c nat-m nat-ox nat-p nat-sil nelu nico-r nux-v olnd oplo-h oro-ac paeon petr phel PHOS(4) phys phyt pic-ac piloc pitu-a plac plat posit ptel PULS(3) pyrus-c quas querc-r ratt-n rhus-t ros-b sabad sal-ac sals-t samb SANG(3) sanic sapph scirr sec SEL(3) SEP(3) sia-c(2) SIL(3) sin-n SOL-N(3) SPIG(4) spong stach stang-e stann(2) STAPH(3) succ SULPH(3) sumb syph tab tarent(2) tell tere-ch THER(3) thuj tritic-v tub unc-t uran VERAT(3) visc XAN(3) zinc.(224)


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