A COMPLICATED CASE OF PLACENTA PREVIA WITH HOMEOPATHY About the patient: A patient come in my Meherpure chamber in Bangladesh at 17/02/14 in morning with heavy per vaginal bleeding prolonged 20 days. Name- Ayesha khatun,Age 19 I make a prescription for ultra sound.the diagnosis present with – GRAVID.THERE IS SINGLE GESTATIONAL SAC IN THE UTERUS WITHIN WHICH DEFINITE FETUS […]

A Homoeopathic case of Fibroid uterus & Right Ovarian cyst with Retoverted Bulgy Uterus. 38 years old married women. present complaints: Frequant micturation. pain in lumber region with severe constipation. Insomnia. With pain in vertex. Oily food avoid. Hot patient. Thirst less. Previous Lab investigation: 29/08/21- Retroverted bulgy uterus; Fibroid uterus & Right ovarian cyst. […]

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